Shared vacation homes are appealing for the following reasons:
  • Ownership costs are reduced by sharing them with others.
  • The burden of maintenance, security, carrying costs, etc. is eliminated. Annual dues cover all services and maintenance.
  • Fractionals offer higher end facilities and amenities than may be possible with sole ownership.
  • Fractional vacation homes may be exchanged with owners elsewhere. The Ridges will also be affiliated with a world class exchange company.
  • Shares increase in value inline with the property value.
  • Shares can retained, sold, willed, etc.

More questions about fractionals? Check out our FAQs or request more information.

Fractional Cottage Ownership Ontario

What is Fractional Ownership?
Introducing Shared Cottage Ownership

Fractional or shared cottage ownership is the perfect solution for anyone looking to spend a lifetime of carefree vacations featuring upscale amenities and services second-to-none. This cottage ownership option revolves around the concept of purchasing a vacation home in partnership with other owners who share the cost with you. All the worries of upkeep and maintenance are left to someone else. Your time at your second home is truly a vacation — you can simply go there and know that everything will be ready and in order.

At The Ridges on Calabogie Lake, owners purchase one or more "shares" that equate to five weeks of exclusive cottage usage spread throughout the four seasons. You can buy as many shares as you wish. Each share can increase in value inline with the property value and you can trade the weeks you wish to stay with other shareholders.

Who owns the property?

You do! You will be part owner of a debt-free not-for-profit corporation called The Ridges Resort Owners Association that will own the cottages, land, furniture, fixtures, equipment, water toys, docks, maintenance and all other amenities exclusive to the resort.

Shares represent a fractional ownership of a real property and can be kept forever, sold, willed to loved ones or exchanged. This innovative approach makes cottage vacationing more enjoyable and very affordable.

An enduring Ontario family vacation property and gathering place could be yours. Request more information now.